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The new AMD Adrenalin 22.4.1 is here

The new AMD Adrenalin 22.4.1 is here

Almost three weeks ago, AMD released new graphics card drivers for Radeon graphics cards. A new driver package is now available for download again. The AMD Software Adrenalin Edition 22.4.1 Compatible with all Radeon RX 400 series graphics cards, with Radeon 600 series mobile graphics chips. The download size for Windows 10 and 11, both in the 64-bit version, is 539MB. The essence of the update according to Release Notes Support for the new Unreal Engine 5.0, including the demo engine for developers”city ​​sampleAMD also fixed three errors. Among other things, there were in some cases driver-related handicrafts in Horizon: Zero Dawn, and there was also an issue with AMD’s Radeon Super Resolution.

CPU overclocking errors in the list

It hasn’t been resolved yet, but more issues are already on the to-do list. It might be one of the problems For the effect described by our fellow PC gamers, Some users using Ryzen CPUs and Radeon graphics cards have noticed that the CPU overclocking settings are more or less being overridden by graphics card drivers. Because in the meantime you can also control the CPU with AMD graphics card drivers, provided it is an AMD Ryzen CPU. With this feature it now appears that the mentioned problem.