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The new iPad mini has a problem: What is a “jelly swipe”?

September 14 An apple It was one of the most relevant days in the annual calendar, with the introduction of the iPhone 13 and news on the Watch series and new iPad models. A few weeks after the announcement, the Cupertino company has a headache: some New iPad mini users have reported glitches on the tablet screen.

As the site says 9to5MacThe defect is known aspass gelor “gel screen.” The origin of the problem is not yet known, and in this context, responses from the manufacturer are to be expected.

Jelly roll – what is it?

This failure results in a singular and annoying On-screen effect. What is happening? When he reacts to touch, Pictures on one side an offer They move at a different rate Produce variance in displacements. After the source, the defect is noticeable in the vertical view and is difficult to detect if the iPad is tilted to lay flat.

according to EngadgetThis is no consolation, especially for users who use the tablet to read.

At the time, Apple did not say whethergel effect‘is linked to hardware Or if it is a bug that can be remedied by an update software, which by the way will be good news for both the manufacturer and the users because the solution will be easier to implement.

The iPad mini isn’t the only one with this problem. To mention one case, in 2017, another mobile device suffered from this gelatinous problem: we are referring to the OnePlus 5, which also received complaints from some users.

About iPad mini 2021

The new iPad mini (6th generation) features a renewed design that draws similarities to the Pro and Air models, with thinner bezels. Apple’s designers said they created the device “with the palm of one hand.” the screen 8.3 inches.

On paper, this tablet offers a 40% increase in CPU performance and an 80% increase in GPU (graphics engine) performance.

iPad mini (6th generation) has an 8.3-inch screen.
iPad mini (6th generation) has an 8.3-inch (Photo: Apple)

One of the main changes is the presence of Touch ID sensor in the upper sector (Used to open it and make mobile payments). It also adds 5G connectivity and improvements to the main camera, which has 12 megapixels and a type of flash that promises to take higher quality photos. It includes a USB-C connector, which has become a standard in high-end laptops. It is offered from $499.

The “mini” tablet was announced in September alongside the iPad 9, which has a screen size of 10.2 inches. Both arrive with iPadOS 15 news.

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