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The new OLED display has been praised in reviews

The new Nintendo Switch will launch with an OLED display tomorrow, and the first reviews have been available online since yesterday. The conclusion about the new switch is very clear and almost everywhere is the same: the new OLED screen makes the difference.

At Digital Foundry they call it the best screen they’ve ever seen in a handheld device. To be fair, it must be said that until now there was only a PS Vita with an OLED screen and it had an older OLED panel.


The new Nintendo Switch with an OLED display is particularly interesting for anyone who plays a lot on the go. In stationary mode (that is, with a dock on the TV) nothing has changed, because under the hood there are exactly the same devices as before.

I’m curious to see how well the Nintendo Switch with an OLED display sells and if that’s enough to spur demand again. Anyway, a look at Idealo shows that the new switch is currently on sale everywhere. Given the chip crunch, that situation will certainly continue with this switch until 2022.

Nintendo Switch OLED: Dock will be ready for 4K output

Nintendo Switch 2021 Old Joy Con

Before the announcement of the Nintendo Switch with an OLED display, there was a message that we would be getting support for 4K (exactly: 4K upscaling using Nvidia technology). When the new Nintendo Switch was officially presented, this functionality was missing. Nintendo Switch: a new docking station…October 5, 2021 Read now →

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