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The office provided $ 4 million to replace Steve Carroll.  Who?

The office provided $ 4 million to replace Steve Carroll. Who?

Office There is no doubt that it lost its luster for many when it left the show after Season 7 Steve Carell. Starring actor Michael Scott. The series then used the talents of many actors Will Ferrell, James Spatter I Kathy Bates. It turns out that another big name was about to join them. He was going to play in production James Condolpini, The star of the show Sopranos. In the latest episode of Podcast Speaking Sopranos During a conversation with the responsible Ricky Kerwais Michael Imperioli I Steve Shririba They revealed that Condolfini got a $ 4 million offer to replace Steve Carroll in the set.

The actor will get that amount of money to play the role of the new boss in one season of the series. That was many years later Sopranos The shooting was over, so Condolpini wanted to accept this opportunity. However, HBO later paid him $ 3 million to reject him. Kervas commented on this, asking if they had paid him to keep Sopranos’ legacy clean.

The series will soon see a new preface focusing on the title in Tony Soprano’s early years All Saints of New JerseyIt is available on HBO Max.

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