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Play Store 2 app compatibility

The Play Store will provide a better view of the device’s compatibility with the app

Users should like the change.

The Play Store has been enriched with a new section containing information about the compatibility of a particular app with devices linked to a Google account. The function is intended to simplify the process of checking the compatibility of our smartphone or TV with the selected services. How will it work exactly?

Play Store with a useful novelty

Recently, Google has been making changes to its mobile app store on a regular basis. After all, we have just notified you to implement the updated appearance of the online version Play Store – We’re talking about an update that users have had to wait for for really, really long years. Now we have new products – they can also attract consumers.

If you open the Play Store on Android phones and go to the details section for a specific app, you will see a brand new tab at the bottom. named after Compatibility with active devices And then you can guess what is interesting.

Source: 9to5google

As Google claims:

This section shows if the app works on your devices. Only devices associated with your Google Account that have been active in the last 30 days are shown.

In the screenshots above, you can see that the most unique device is, of course, the one we are currently using. Then other smartphones appear, then wearables with Wear OS, and finally – devices with Android / Google TV.

One tab contains files Information about the compatibility of a specific application, its versionAnd the space needed to install the service and the required operating system. We will also find details about the game or the program itself. At first glance, we are dealing with a really clear section that contains all the useful data.

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The novelty is also in line with the latest Google policies. The company is focusing more and more on the development of tablets and wearable devices. The update described above is the next step for the Moutain View giant to make the Play Store a completely central place for all devices equipped with software from Google.

If you don’t see a new section yet, be patient. It should be available to all consumers within the next few weeks.

source: 9to5google