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The police are looking for known Alcatraz spaces

In 1962, Clarence and John Anglin, along with Frank Morris, escaped from Alcatraz Prison in San Francisco. It has been 60 years and it is still unknown if they are alive or not.

Now US police are asking for the three fugitives again and in search of clues, they’ve come up with new computer-generated images of what they might look like today. If the criminals are still alive, they are in their 90s.

How did the escape go?

The infamous Alkatra Island prison outside of San Francisco is historically one of the most difficult prisons to escape. Prisoners on trial were either drowned, shot dead, or captured alive. On June 11, 1962, brothers Clarence and John Anglin, together with Frank Morris, were the only ones who managed to escape from a prison that was considered impossible to escape.

Together with prisoner Allen West, the three criminals had a cunning plan. Frank Morris, known for his intelligence, was the great mind behind the escape. For more than a year, they drilled holes in the walls of the dungeons with the help of spoons to escape through. To bypass the nightly check, criminals created dolls that looked like themselves, using toilet paper, soap, and their own hair.

3D-printed replica of the face of the John Anglin doll used in the 1962 escape. Photo: Eric Risberg

After dusk, they made their way to a passage through the holes dug. Allen West failed to dig all the way into the driveway and was left behind. The three fugitives climbed to the roof via the ventilation system, then climbed down and out through the prison’s outer grille. Once in the water, they assembled a raft using raincoats and contact cement, which they collected during their stay at Alcatraz. On the same boat, the legendary fugitives managed to make their way to freedom.

The puzzle continues

What happened next remains a mystery today. The guards did not notice the escape until the next morning. Some of Frank Morris’s belongings, along with what was left of the raft, were found on nearby Angel Island, but no trace of the three prisoners has yet been found.

After 60 years, there is still no clarity yet whether the prisoners managed to escape alive. The Alcatraz Escape is one of the world’s most famous escapes.

In its research, the US Infantry Police is now speaking directly to prisoners.

– It doesn’t matter how long it takes. They said in a statement that we continue to search for you and justice will be served.

In connection with the investigation, the US police have asked the public all the advice they can get.

The island is two miles from San Francisco.

The prison was active between 1934-1963.

Al Capone, is one of those who has also been imprisoned.

The prison closed in 1963 and is known today as the Alcatraz East Crime Museum.

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