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The policemen will be investigated at Abu Aqla’s funeral

The policemen will be investigated at Abu Aqla’s funeral

In the clips of the released films, it can be seen how unrest arises when the police with batons attack the pallbearers, who almost bring down the coffin.

Friday’s funeral in East Jerusalem for the famous journalist gathered thousands of people. Many waved Palestinian flags as police abducted them.

Police actions have been condemned around the world, including UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, who called the tape “deeply disturbing”.

Although the UN Security Council rarely approves of matters relating to Israel, it unanimously condemned the killing of Shireen Abu Akle.

The council wrote in a statement that it called for an “immediate, comprehensive, transparent and impartial investigation.”

Shireen Abu Okla, 51, is described as an experienced reporter by her staff at Al Jazeera. According to other journalists on the site, she was wearing a safety jacket with the word “press” on it, which clearly indicates she was a journalist, when she was shot in the face.

According to the Palestinian Public Prosecutor, the investigation indicates that Abu Uqla was killed by Israeli fire. But Israel says the shots could have been fired just as easily by Palestinians.

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