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The Polish Financial Supervisory Authority approved Vercom’s prospectus

The Polish Financial Supervisory Authority approved Vercom’s prospectus

2021-04-12 18:22

2021-04-12 18:22

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The Polish Financial Supervisory Authority approved Vercom’s prospectus, which was prepared in connection with the public offering of Series A and D shares and the intention to submit an application for admission to trading in the regulated market for Series A, B and D shares and the rights in Series D shares – KNF announced in a statement.

The investment companies are: Pekao Investment Banking, mBank, Bank Polska Kasa Opieki – Biuro Maklerskie Pekao, the Haitong Bank branch in Poland.

Vercom is a technology provider that enables the integration and automation of various electronic communication channels on the Polish market. It operates in the telecom services market provided in the CPaaS (Communication as a Service) model.

As previously announced, the public offering will cover the issuance of new shares and the partial sale of shares by existing shareholders. The major shareholder, the Warsaw Stock Exchange-listed company R22, has no intention of participating in the offer and will maintain a block of shares.

R22 is 70.51 percent. Share the share capital of Vercom.

In 2020 Vercom revenue increases 49%. On an annual basis it amounts to 116.6 million PLN. Adjusted earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization amounted to 26.3 million PLN and a net profit of 19.4 million PLN (PAP Biznes)

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Source:PAP Biznes
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