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With so many employees back in the office, maybe it’s time to revise the furniture? Thomas Edsvold, AJ Produkter Office Specialist Sales Representative, offers tips on the most common mistakes in office interiors, and not least, how to avoid them.

See how you can decorate your office smarter

There are many preparations to consider when decorating an office, and in many cases also a limited budget.

My best advice is to get an outside expert in from the start, says Thomas Edsvold.

It is not always the case that those who use the office and the manager have the same view of what is required, and in addition, different tasks mean that you have different needs.

Thomas Edsvold is a sales representative at AJ Produkter.
Thomas Edsvold is a sales representative at AJ Produkter.

A person who has many meetings, phone calls, and other contacts has very different needs than a colleague who has a job that requires great focus over a longer period of time.

– If you receive help from the outside, it is easier to find opportunities where the interior design takes into account as many different desires as possible.

Protects and mutes the volume

A common problem when it comes to the office environment is size.

Today, many people work in open office landscapes, and a small noise can be enough to ruin focus and increase the stress level of those who work there.

Easy change.  Screens, cabinets and the plant reduce the noise level.
Easy change. Screens, cabinets and the plant reduce the noise level.

To avoid this, Tomas Eidsvold shows how the average workplace with four desks can easily be supplemented with cupboards, a screen wall and potted plants to eliminate sound and dramatically reduce volume.

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– But the office shouldn’t be too quiet. If you have no background noise at all, normal sounds like conversations between colleagues can take up a lot of space and become annoying. It’s best to have a sound environment where it’s quiet enough to hear other people talking around you, but don’t discriminate individual words.

Social meeting places

Another common mistake when it comes to office furniture is creating too few social meeting spaces.

– It’s partly about wanting to save space and therefore money. But social meeting places get people to come together and talk, which can stimulate creativity and create an increased sense of belonging.

Smart planning with many social areas.
Smart planning with many social areas.

Another common surface problem is that many companies like to bring in more furniture than seems possible at first glance.

– But there’s always a simple solution: buy a desk that’s smaller. Another good tip is to use the sharing economy. Buy a “kit” of different ergonomic options like a balance chair, desk bike, or Pilates ball that employees can borrow from when they need them, so you don’t need many copies of each.

See how you can decorate your office smarter