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The Public Health Authority would like to introduce a requirement for a negative COVID-19 test for entry from China

The epidemiological situation in China regarding covid-19 is not clear.

So the Public Health Authority is now requiring the government that people who travel into the country from China be able to show a negative coronavirus test certificate.

Travel from China is expected to increase sharply in the coming weeks, the public health agency, FHM, writes on its website.

“The Public Health Agency is therefore asking the government to prepare for the requirement that people traveling to Sweden from China must be able to present a certificate for a recent negative COVID-19 test,” the agency wrote.

Travelers over 12 years of age are covered

The persons who are suggested to be subject to the requirement for a negative covid test are travelers from China over the age of 12, third country nationals, and persons residing outside the European Economic Area countries and Switzerland.

This requirement is proposed to be temporary and valid for three weeks from its entry into force.

China eased its restrictions in December, further spreading infections in the country.

“There is uncertainty about viral variants circulating in China compared to variants circulating in the rest of the world, for example whether there are variants that may have an increased ability to bypass the immune system or have an increased potential to cause serious disease,” writes the FHM.

According to the authority, there is also uncertainty about the reporting of confirmed cases, hospitalizations and deaths.

Two positive covid tests.  The picture is a kind picture.
Two positive covid tests. The picture is a kind picture.