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The super moon Astas will appear on July 13

The super moon Astas will appear on July 13

The full moon this month is on Wednesday. At the same time, the orbit of the Moon will bring it closer to the Earth than usual. This cosmic combo is called Super Moon.

That can make the moon look a little bigger and brighter, weather permitting.

The name of the full moon on Wednesday is “Moon Antlers”referring to the time of year when they grow New horns on dollars.

How to identify Supermon?

NASA, which has used the term since 1979, explains that a supermoon occurs when the moon gets close to its closest point to Earth. This maximum proximity is called the perihelion point. Perigee reaches an average distance of 226,000 miles, which is equal to 363,300 kilometers from Earth.

Although this affinity differs slightly, sun gravitational effect It changes the moon’s orbit, making Supermoons appear brighter and larger.

The Supermoons, in addition to appearing with great radiance, It has the power to change the nature of the Earthfor example, generates extreme high tides because the moon has a gravitational pull with our planet and this makes it able to infer the behavior of the oceans.

It was the great moon of June 14″strawberry moon“Because it happened at the time of the strawberry harvest.

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