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The Suwałki Express was the winner of PlusLiga

Fast, easy and fun – this was MKS Ślepska Malow Suwałki’s crossover with newcomer LUK Lublin (3:0) in the second round of PlusLiga 2021/2022.

Tomash Rosinski

lepska Malow Suwałki volleyball players

WP SportoweFakty / Michał Mieczkowski / Pictured: volleyball players Ślepska Malow Suwałki

Both lepsk and LUK lost their matches in the inaugural PlusLiga. The Suwałki team had to admit the superiority of Aluron CMC Warta Zawiercie (1:3), while the Lublin team lost in the confrontation with Jastrzębski Węgiel (1:3).

From the start of the competition, the hosts tried to impose their style of play and after an effective attack by Adrian Buchowski, they advanced 8: 4. Joshua Tanega was playing quietly, while the newcomers were shocked by the ineffectiveness of the attack, leaving them unable to compensate for the losses. Only Andrzej Kowal’s players dominated the field events and won the first set for sure until 19.

After changing sides, the residents of Suwałki remained divided and ruled the stadium. Striker Bartłomiej Boładź, who was supported by the receiving party, Piotr Łukasik (15:9), did an excellent job. The people of Lublin seemed completely helpless and fell into the second batch at 16:25.

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In the third match, LUK Lublin volleyball players finally decided to risk more and to a certain point keep up with the local team (11:11). However, over time, MKS accelerated and took the 16:12 lead. Suwałki played very well and eventually won with a score of 25:22, and in the whole confrontation 3-0.

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The second round of PlusLiga:

MKS Sleepsek Mallu Swaki – Luke Lublin 3:0 (25:19, 25:16, 25:22)

MKS Sleepsek Mallo Suaki: Łukasik, Boładź, Takvam, Buchowski, Sapiński, Tuaniga, Czunkiewicz (Libero), Smoliński and Rudzewicz.

Luke Lublin: Bajic, Filipiak, Novakowski, Wachnik, Katic, Subala, Watten (Libero) and Włodarczyk, Romać, Stajer, Gniecki.

best player: Bartłomiej Boładź (MKS lepsk Malow Suwałki).

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