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The United States has announced further sanctions on Russia for Navalny and North Stream 2

The United States has announced further sanctions on Russia for Navalny and North Stream 2

Sullivan responded in this way to a question from a CNN journalist who chaired the Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman Bob Menendez. He noted that the Biden administration did not impose New sanctions against Russia In Navalny within the time limit required by Congress.

New control package

Consultant President He said the White House was preparing a new set of controls on the matter and that it would be passed when it was determined that they were appropriate for the right people or companies.

From the beginning, we have shown that we do not want to use the reduced charge, regardless of whether Solarwinds is involved in a cyber attack. Elections Or Navalny Sullivan noted.

When asked to lift a portion of the sanctions Nort Stream2, Presidential Adviser, Criticism of the White House is a “misunderstanding” that the Biden administration controlled many companies associated with the gas pipeline. He also acknowledged that the White House had avoided imposing sanctions on “a German citizen” and a “Swiss company”, citing North Stream 2AG and its nominal boss, Matthias Warnick, a longtime friend. Vladimir Putin.

When Biden took office, the pipeline was 90 percent complete, built under the (Donald) Trump regime. So the question was whether we would do this directly using our allies and partners. President Biden said he was not prepared to do this. What we are doing is allowing Russian companies involved in the project once every three months, and we will continue to do so – he said.

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Conversation with North Korea?

In another Sunday interview, Sullivan, among others, for ABC TV, for the president’s words North Korea Kim Tsong UnaHe was quoted by KCNA as saying that Pyongyang was ready for “dialogue and confrontation” with the United States. A White House spokesman said this was an “interesting signal” but that a clear declaration of desire was needed to begin talks with North Korea.

They can send us a clear signal, “Yes, let’s do that. Let’s sit down and start a conversation.” Sullivan said.

In an interview with ABC, he also commented on the status of negotiations to return to the nuclear deal Iran, Indicates that there is still a long way to go between the two sides on key issues to be resolved.

The Biden administration has signaled it wants to end negotiations before the inauguration of the new president, who was elected on Friday. Ibrahim Raisiko. However, as Sullivan noted, Elections Do not change the situation too much, because the main decision maker in Iran remains the same – Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Let’s see if the Iranian negotiators come to the next round of talks and make the tough choices they have to make Said the consultant. It marked the Vienna Six Party Agreement, the next round of which ended on Sunday.

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