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The Voice: Clement Dynamite First Battles

Forget about blind tests, which sometimes made us hungry this season. After seven weeks of returning to talent, the four coaches on “The Voice” unleashed the division’s musical clashes that aired Saturday, April 2 on TF1. As usual, each chose two singers — and up to three for Amal Bent, Marc Lavoine and Florent Bagni, who blew the counters. Two artists who share one place title can be won in the sequel. I hope that he will be recruited into another team for the sake of the judiciary.

But this evening was also for Nolwenn Leroy, ‘Surprised Coach’, the meet-and-greet of the four ineligible talents who decided to hunt them down before letting them find another team. A beautiful moment, marked by a collective emotion. To the other jurors’ surprise, they are impatient to find out who they are. Florent Bagni thanked farmer Jean Palau for … the cheese that was brought to the set when he went to auditions. “They were great! He was excited, a few minutes before he retrieved that voice in his wallet.

“I won’t play the violin, I say he has autism … I don’t care!”

Another feature of this first evening of “Battles”: the musical competition between Jerome Toussaint and Clement, in the team of Marc Lavoine. Two rockers with radically different features. One is reassuring, the other is more conservative. And it is precisely this second, Clement, who created the surprise. “I’m not going to start playing the violin, saying he’s autistic, he has Asperger’s… I don’t care! He said his coach. He’s a singer. He has a captivating voice. He has that kind of euphoria. When he sings it’s in it.”

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In “Stairway to Heaven” directed by Led Zeppelin, Clément made a short work of his rival. Revealing the lyrics and ending with a strong note that astounded the other coaches. “I asked you to pay attention and go where you want to go, it was the last sentence that you made that determined my choice,” the coach explained, making a big surprise to his talent, and he was very moved by the referee’s announcement. “If he left him, I stole it directly,” added Amal Bint, who did not have this opportunity.