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The Voice of Germany: Fans rip Sarah Connor but love Mark Forster ‘too arrogant’

Not everyone seems to like the new season of ‘The Voice of Germany’ – many Facebook fans criticize new coach Sarah Connor (photo montage)

© Andre Kowalski / ProSieben / dpa / picture alliance & Screenshots / Facebook / The Voice of Germany

You can’t please everyone: The new season of ‘Voice of Germany’ is causing debates online – Sarah Connor in particular. On the other hand, Mark Forster receives nothing but praise.

BERLIN – Not only are the candidates from the Voice of Germany causing lively discussions on the Internet, the coaches are also the focus of attention. Sarah Connor (41), who will occupy the red swivel chair for the first time in 2021, is very controversial among ProSieben viewers.

Fans of the show, for example, assume that she is too “arrogant”. Pop star Mark Forster, almost a veteran of the two “The Voice” formats, has received plenty of praise. from IPPEN.MEDIA Reports.

Lively trained fans of “The Voice of Germany” debate online: Sarah Connor often receives harsh criticism, and her colleague Mark Forster (second from right) gets a lot of praise.

© Andre Kowalski / ProSieben / dpa / picture alliance

The Voice of Germany: Sarah Connor under fire – Marc Forster convinces almost everyone

With a preview of the next broadcast “The Voice of Germany” on Facebook, fans expressed their anger: Many are not at all satisfied with the choice of coaches, especially Sarah Connor who has been criticized: “Sarah Connor should come out, her outrageous comments compared to other members of the jury are unacceptable. ‘, judged by one user. In numerous contributions, viewers accuse the 41-year-old pop musician of being “arrogant”, “unnatural” or “arrogant”. “Unfortunately, she ruins everything by nature,” complains one fan — her behavior even has a negative impact on the behavior of other coaches, according to the community.

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Meanwhile, Mark Forster has blossomed into a fan favorite, apparently: “I’m a thousand times better Mark,” explains one “The Voice” viewer, who previously described Sarah Connor’s behavior as “an arrogant thing.” Fears that hardly matter to her 38-year-old fellow – after all, Marc Forster received only praise in almost all the comments that mention him: “He’s really stylish and has a beautiful voice. His songs are always beautiful too,” says one Facebook user. : A few fans endorse Sarah Connor: “Why are successful, self-confident women always insulted as arrogant?” However, he never got an answer.