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"The Voice Senior".  Participant Marila Rodovich shed tears

“The Voice Senior”. Participant Marila Rodovich shed tears

This time she was in the jury Alicja Majewska, Wittold Past And makes his debut in this role Marila Rodovich I Pyotr Kukovsky. The show is directed by Marta Manovska and Rafas Brsozovsky. Singers over the age of 60 can participate in the song “The Voice Senior”. If more than one jury votes for a given participant, he or she can choose a coach with whom he or she will fight for promotion to the next stages.

“The Voice Senior”. Participant Marila Rodovich shed tears

He was the first to move JanekPerformed a part of Elvis Presley. He and Alija Majevska had the opportunity to work with Christoph Kravzic. Participant Majewska decided to join the team.

The second participant Andrzej, Baridone holder. He particularly impressed Pyotr Kukovsky, and it was in his team that he found himself. When she raised the issue of grandchildren, Marila Rodovich said they were suffering from a shortage.

“I can’t force my children to become grandchildren” – She said.

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That too went to the next level Larissa. She stopped singing when she was diagnosed with cancer of the palate. On stage, she sang Marila Rodovich’s talented song “Colorful Exhibitions”. The whole jury was delighted, and Marila did not hide her feelings.

– Rodovich mocked Edita Korniak, who easily moved when he was on the jury for “The Voice of Poland”.

The women sang a duet for two voices, and for a while the other jurors joined them. Larissa Marilla’s team was selected.

The next participant WojciechHe hosted Elvis Presley’s “In the Ghetto” and selected Piotrin’s group. And passed Eva – He sang “La V en Rose” on stage and joined Wittold Pasta. The last senior to go to the next stages Andrzej. He sang the song “I came with you” and delighted all the coaches. Alija’s team got another participant.

Photo: TVP

Jurosi “The Voice Senior”

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