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They are looking for a hacker who returned cryptocurrency to reward his work

One of the attractions Cryptocurrency It is based on blockchain a technology It allows you to track and know exactly what happened to the digital asset. For this reason, those who support this model assure that it is 100% safe. However, it has already been proven on several occasions that there are risks. In fact, last week a The hacker stole millions of codes But since he brought them back a few hours later now they are looking for him to give him Award.

Poly revealed that a hacker Get access to your network to theft 611 million digital tokens. However, since he has returned most of them, he is looking for you to offer you a reward of $500,000.

The prize is a reward for those who find faults in the systems. There are many technology companies that have this kind of incentives For those who report security holes. The intent is to be called Ethical hackers Tell them about potential problems before someone with ill intentions does it.

In a statement, the Poly Network referred to the culprit as ” white hat hacker In reference to his status as an ethical hacker. The decentralized finance platform thanked the hacker for ‘helping improve’ files SafetyBut he did not say how he would pay or accept the fee.

However, someone claiming to be the perpetrator confirmed that Poly Network offered him a $500,000 reward for returning the stolen assets and promised that he would not be held responsible for the incident, according to messages shared on Twitter By Tom Robinson, Chief Scientist and Co-Founder of Elliptic, a crypto-tracking company.

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Good deed?

It must be said that the poly network connects differently Blockchainand the accounting books on which it is based Cryptocurrency, so that they can work together. The company revealed, Tuesday, that it was the victim of a crime encryption theft Allowed hackers to earn about 611 million in EthereumAnd Shiba Inu and others digital currencies.

On Wednesday, the hacker began returning the stolen money after claiming it was ready for delivery. Poly network gave News On Friday, the hacker returned $340 million in assets to a digital wallet. This means that there are only 33 million coins left that have already been frozen by the company behind cryptomoni.

It is still not clear what prompted the hacker to back off. Some experts believe that he may have found it difficult to launder and collect a large amount of stolen cryptocurrency. Others suggest that the hacker was afraid to be exposed and prosecuted after investigators discovered a bunch of identifying information, including an email address and an IP address. But unlike what has already happened, this type of case demonstrates that no technology is infallible and that there is a possibility that hackers can steal cryptocurrencies which, in addition, are becoming more and more common when it comes to carrying out a scam.

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