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They confiscated 380,000 Kellogg products for not complying with the labeling rule

EFE. In two operations, the Mexican authorities confiscated a total of 380,149 pieces of products Kellogg As a “precautionary” measure for non-compliance with the labeling standard, the Federal Health Hazard Protection Commission reported on Friday (coffeepress).

These products were identified during their introduction infractions on their packaging, such as omitting stamps for extra calories or added sugars and providing legends or interactive images on products with warning stamps,” he explained. coffeepresswho carried out the operation with Federal Consumer Protection Office (Prophet), it is a statement.

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according to national organizationNutritional information should appear “in clear, visible, indelible letters and in contrasting colours”.

The two actions, the first of the year between the two institutions, came from nationwide verification visits after “labeling irregularities” were discovered on some of the company’s products. Kellogg Corporation Mexico.

In the first procedure, 9,082 pieces were confiscated from 75 points of sale “where visits were made to verify compliance with a base and check that consumers They are properly informed of the products they are buying.

In the second, carried out in the distribution center of the company located in the center of the country Queretaro Non-conformities were also identified on the labels, as 371,67 pieces were frozen.

Some of the products are corn flakes, granulated rusk, rice puffed with vitamins and iron, wheat grains, corn, rice, oats, wheat bran with almonds, or wheat grains, corn, rice, oats, wheat bran with red fruits, vitamins and minerals, blueberry flavor and blackberries with whole grains.

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So far, the Business No information has been announced or released in this regard.

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In October 2020, it went into effect on Mexico the Food front labels and processed drinks, a measure taken by the Mexican authorities as part of measures to prevent Increase in cases of weight gain obesity in the country.

According to the law, industrial products and sugary drinks must be marked with a . mark Warning labels or with nutritional properties in which the product exceeds the specified value.

It should have an octagon icon with a black background and a white border that indicates “stop at”, followed by the attribute it should be stand out Whether fat, saturated, sodium, sugar, etc.