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They deplore the massive Twitch data leak

October 6, 2021 – 1:01 am. NS.

More than 125 GB of data, which includes payment information for content creators, has been leaked from the streaming platform, which is particularly preferred among “players”.

An anonymous user has reported through 4Chan that more than 125GB of data has been leaked from Twitch, a streaming platform particularly favored among “players”.

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The complaint was justified in a file posted to a 125 GB torrent file that according to the complaining user contains “entirely Twitch”.

The leaked information includes: the source code and all comment history; Payments to banners. Twitch mobile, PC, and console clients; AWS internal tools and services; And even a game called Vapeworld.

Passwords have also been reported to be leaked, but they appear to be encrypted.

Twitch has yet to rule on the complaint, but the Xataka broker does guarantee the torrent file exists. In addition, it confirms that there have been files of payment information for creators (banners) since 2019.

In fact, there is payment information from well-known content creators such as AuronPlay.

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