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This Sunday you can see an impressive astronomical caravan

The St. Louis Planetarium Publish an unmissable agenda for astronomy lovers. This event will start Sunday 27, at 5 am, When it can be seen with the naked eye towards the southeast horizon A wonderful astronomical caravan made up of Venus, Mars and the Moon.

Our natural satellite, on this occasion, will be in a very good waning phase. They noted that “the three stars will have, as a background, the stars that are united by imaginary lines to form the constellation Sagittarius.”

In addition, there is another series of phenomena that must be taken into account:

  • February 28At 5:45 am, Mercury and Saturn will be seen below the waning moon.
  • March 2At 2:35 pm, there will be a new moon in the constellation Aquarius.
  • March 10At 8:06 p.m., the apogee moon will be 404,267 kilometers from Earth.
  • April 30The first eclipse of the year will be partial to the sun.

March New Moon: What is its spiritual meaning

New moons represent new beginnings and are an ideal time to reveal and define intentions. In astrology, they represent the beginning of the lunar cycle, and although it is difficult to see the moon during this phase, its energy is no less powerful than any other time of the month.

The new moon in March will coincide with Jupiter, which provides an additional opportunity to demonstrate lunar intentions and realize fantasies. It’s a great time to start a new art project, start a love story, or trust the mysterious side.

The new moon in Pisces means that emotional sensitivity can be high. Pisces are known to be the most mature and compassionate of all the signs of the zodiac due to their awareness of the world around them and everyone and everything in it. Astrologers recommend relying on the sympathetic traits of Pisces under the new moon, paying special attention to spiritual healing for collective and inner happiness.

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The new moon for Pisces provides time to heal. Meditation and yoga are excellent for this time. For those experiencing a spiritual awakening, the new Pisces sign is ready to find a deeper understanding of what is going on, say astrologers.