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This time, not only regional supremacy will be at stake

In the 124th derby in history between AS Saint-Etienne and Olympique Lyonnais, the Greens will not only play their honor as is usually the case in such a match, but also survive.

The 20th and last in the French Ligue 1 before facing this match with the eternal rival, the Greens had no choice but to reap the points. The derby can be timely because it’s a game that is not only played on the field, but can also completely drown the Greens in further humiliation.

Lyon – Saint-Etienne, it’s not just a football story

The match between ASSE and OL is also a match between two diametrically opposed cities: the popular Saint-Étienne against Bourjois, Lyon. Thus, this rivalry between the two cities does not exist only on land. It arose even several centuries ago, in the Middle Ages when the Archbishop of Lyon and the Count of Fors encountered each other. Several hundred years later, further differences emerged that the department of Rhône-et-Loire was divided, giving birth to the province of Loire, of which Saint-Étienne became a province. More recently, the 20th century has been the scene of continuing differences since Lyon has focused on its economic and political power while Saint-Étienne, a working-class city, is sinking into mining and minerals.

The stands carry the torch

If there is one place where this rivalry remains the most visible and most aggravated, it is the stands. Every derby is a somewhat perceptible signage spectacle. If there are two games to win a year for both Saint-Etienne and Lyon supporters, it is Derbyan. Losing him quickly causes headaches and leads to a very bad week for supporters of the defeatist camp. On the contrary, winning it or not losing it in a twist of fate at the last second excites tenfold joy and turns the audience into drunkenness as in the first stop when and gift Khazari The boiler overturned with a converted penalty kick in overtime.

Wash off the insults and save the season

If this derby like anything else takes on the honorary and symbolic dimension of this confrontation, it has a very different significance this season. Finally, the Greens have a great need for points to save themselves. Lyon should not be outdone: it is certainly the worst season in elite Lyon in the twenty-first century, currently tenth. As for the Greens, add to that the last blows dealt against the eternal contender and especially the two five-to-zero hits received by Geoffroy-Guichard. Insults that were never washed away. If the Greens win this derby, they could re-launch their entire season and breathe more positive momentum. Conversely, in the event of defeat, this knockout blow may be the most successful club in the French championship.

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In other words, win the derby!

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