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This will be the new name EA will give to the Football Series

This will be the new name EA will give to the Football Series

FIFA, the popular football franchise from Electronic Arts, is about to experience major changes. In recent months, much has been said about the status of the video game saga “King Sport” and its relationship with FIFA, the sport’s worldwide governing body.

On the one hand, this organization is reported to be planning to release its own video game, and on the other hand, it is said that it would have demanded a $1,000 million payment from EA to preserve the rights to the name, which the publisher found exaggerated.

What seems certain is that after the release of FIFA 23 this year, things will change for the successful franchise that has been around for more than two decades. And one of the greatest novelties of the next release will be the new name, which could already have been chosen by EA.

EA Sports – A Brand of Electronic Arts

According to reports from a video game journalist from VentureBeat, Jeff Group, The name chosen will be EA Sports FC, the title the company registered at the end of last year and which, according to the aforementioned website sources, will become the new official name for FIFA video games, with FIFA 23 being the last. with this name. Everyone who knows something about football knows the meaning of the acronym FC: “Football Club”, so it would be something like “EA Sports Soccer Club”.

We must take this information for what it is, it leaks, and must continue to wait until we have official confirmation from EA Sports on it; In the event that the commercial relationship with FIFA is permanently terminated and the company can no longer continue to use this name or if the organization releases its own title. In fact, the foundation headed by Gianni Infantino last week updated its European trademark and here specifically mentions video games as part of its presentation. This leads us to believe that it is very likely that a new batch will arrive with this title, which has been endorsed by FIFA, but not produced by EA.

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Changing the name of FIFA to EA Sports FC immediately reminds us of what happened last year with Pro Evolution Soccer (PES), which changed its name to eFootball; Although their reasons were different. Konami decided to use this new name due to its intention to focus on esports. Of course, the first version of eFootball didn’t perform well at all and players rated it negatively for being riddled with bugs.

And while EA Sports FC is used as a potential name, there are certainly other titles as candidates. To not go too far, VentureBeat suggests rebranding FIFA video games as Ultimate Team, the most popular game mode in the saga, and it doesn’t seem like a bad idea, does it?

What name do you want for FIFA from now on? Leave us your comments.

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