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Thousands of Russians are fleeing the country while mobilization is underway

Thousands of Russians are fleeing the country while mobilization is underway

Immediately after Vladimir Putin’s announcement this week of partial mobilization, reports came in that airline tickets from Russia had been sold out within minutes. Parallel to that Packing is now underway The number of Russians leaving the country has increased. The queues have been long in recent days Border crossings to FinlandArmenia and Georgia.

At the border crossing with Georgia near Russia’s Vladikavkaz, queues stretched for more than eight kilometers on Saturday, the BBC wrote, referring to map services from Russian internet company Yandex.

It’s not that we’re afraid, it’s that we don’t like the situation. I don’t really like what they are doing in Ukraine. I feel sorry for our brothers in Ukraine. Maxim Khatuntsev, who crossed the border from Russia into Georgia, says that I have many relatives there and I do not like this at all.

– I will try to find a job in Georgia, Alexander told the site euronews Georgia When he landed at Tbilisi airport.

More than 8000 Russians to Finland – in one day

According to the Finnish border guard, 7,662 Russian citizens came to Finland via the country’s eastern border on Saturday, according to a Yle report, which wrote that another 700 Russians had arrived in Finland by other means in the past 24 hours.

Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania recently closed their borders to most Russians. Restrictions also apply to Russians who have visas in the Schengen area, but there are exceptions, for example, for people who have citizens of the European Union in their family or if there are humanitarian reasons. Finland also announced that stricter entry rules for Russians will soon be implemented.

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Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said this week that reports of plane tickets being sold were “exaggerated”. On the statement, he declined to deny that the men arrested on Wednesday for protesting against the crowd had received orders to stop the Russian army.

Details: Russia will close the borders

On Sunday, information was received about Russia’s plans to close the borders to men of mobilization age. This is according to independent Russian sources in exile Medusa magazine. According to one of the newspaper’s sources, the ban is likely to be imposed on September 28 – after that The so-called referendums In the Russian-occupied areas of Ukraine.

According to the sources, there will also be a requirement to obtain permission from the military for all men to leave the country.