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Three exciting trips for food and nature lovers

Of course, in many ways, it’s quite baroque to speak of pleasure and leisure travel as if it were a human right when our world burns. At a time when it should be so important to put energy and resources into it.

Of course, the gravity of the times also affected our holiday destinations, what we really want to take care of with booking and payment. Over the past year, many have taken a keen interest in food and nature. Foodies is a half-slightly intelligent person and at the same time a convenient expression for those who are interested in food. An updated version of gourmet, but also interested in organic farming and search for supplies, Which means choosing a game in Swedish. In addition to being a source of food, many also attest to the refuge, comfort, and joy that was nature when everything else feels uncertain and frightening.

At the bottom of the continent is food and nature, fortunately! Join us at three destinations that combine food and nature, three unique homes and farms in the countryside, each with its own distinct character.

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The Portuguese São Lourenço do Barrocal is like an elegant, self-sufficient village. By the way, the wine is also elegant and also strong, and it is stored in oak barrels, because oak also grows here. Photo: Ash James

São Lourenço do Barocal: Hotell med bykänsla

Taste the name São Lourenço do Barrocal, a pepper with a balanced roughness, right? This 19th-century property is located in one of the most pristine parts of Portugal, the Alentejo region, which has been owned by the same family for over 200 years. José António Uva is an eighth-generation owner who has spent nearly 15 years transforming Barrocal into a hotel imbued with a village feel. It’s well made, sturdy and authentic, with every detail in mind, not least when it comes to food. Olive oil, vegetables, and fruit come from their own orchards (there are thousand-year-old olive trees here to rest!) and kitchen gardens, as well as wine. Handmade cheese is served with typical Alentejo bread, and the animals are slaughtered and cooked according to the philosophy nose to tailThat is, nothing is lost. The nature around it is wild and expansive, it’s really just a matter of sitting on one of the farm’s horses and stretching at full speed.

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Beauty and charm are a compelling combination, the country estate was Ferreta in Mallorca owned both.

Beauty and charm are a compelling combination, the country estate was Ferreta in Mallorca owned both. Photo: Can Ferreta

Can Ferreta: Charming Summer Fun متعة

In the small village of Santani in Mallorca, the gardens are green, the scent of cypress trees wafts from the sun and the pool lights up in emerald green. The Soldevila-Ferrer family acquired a dilapidated 17th century house, and the transformation took place with the help of several well-known Spanish architects and designers. In April, the beauty is ready, the charming little Can Ferrereta, a great summertime fun in the middle of the country. The food is typical Mediterranean food, simple and fresh, entirely based on ingredients from local village farmers and fishermen. Think of Can Ferreta as an upscale country house, or even an oasis, also decorated with the family’s own art collection.

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When Athanasia Comninos opened The Rooster, on the Greek island of Antiparos, every little choice had to do with the surrounding nature and the local food culture.

When Athanasia Comninos opened The Rooster, on the Greek island of Antiparos, every little choice had to do with the surrounding nature and the local food culture. Photo: Yannis Rizomarcos

The Rooster: A boutique hotel on a Greek island

Located on the Greek island of Antiparos, The Rooster Boutique Hotel is open this summer. Owner Athanasia Komnenos was absolutely heartbroken when she created the place. Consisting of 17 detached houses, with a choice of materials and colors, it will give guests the feeling of being one with the nature of the Cycladic archipelago. The rooster is in harmony with its surroundings, everything is comfortable and in harmony with both the soft sandy beaches and the exciting island caves. Foodis are also filling, and of course Rooster is self-sufficient in both organic fruits and vegetables. It’s also good to harvest your own dinner. Athanasia Comninos actually manages to bring up another thing today’s world traveler would love to have in addition to food and nature: the esoteric. Not just a spa with flower baths or meditation classes, but something more on-site – in Rooster it is possible to take part in an authentic Greek fire party.

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