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Thunderbolt 5 - First Information

Thunderbolt 5 – First Information

Relatively few of us have actually used Thunderbolt 4, and there are many indications that we’ll soon have to get used to the new generation. A generation that gives external devices a boost.

Thunderbolt 3 and 4 ports are undoubtedly a huge jump in bandwidth and performance over standard USB Type-A ports. Many computers and laptops already use this solution, but its users will soon be able to use the next generation. All thanks to information that was accidentally leaked to the network.

An image found on the Internet by Intel Vice President Gregory M. Bryant, taken during a visit to the Israeli company’s laboratories. There seems to be nothing unusual about it if not for the fact that there is information about the next fifth installment of Thunderbolt.

Photo. Intel Corporation

The primary change compared to Thunderbolt 4 is To double the productivity – 80 Gbit / s, which is really impressive compared to the 40 Gbit / s of TB 4. Most importantly, the new standard will still use the USB Type-C port, so there will be no more revolution in this regard.

What does this mean for regular users? We will probably be able to count on him, for example Support for 4K and 8K screens at higher frequencies – So far they were 120 and 60 Hz respectively, so at least doubling these values ​​would not be a surprise.

There are also many indications that Intel factories are already producing the first chipsets that enable the use of Thunderbolt 5 ports. This, of course, does not mean that the first devices with the new generation of this connector will appear in a moment – we will likely have to wait a few moments for this standard to be popularized. Years.

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