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TikTok is testing a Twitter-like retweet feature

Although TikTok is one of the most copied social networks due to its emerging popularity, the service also borrows some functionality from some others.

On this occasion we were able to find out thanks to a report from tech crunch, Which TikTok has started testing a new feature for it Repost Similar to Twitter’s retweet feature. The feature has started rolling out for some select user accounts, but it’s not currently available to everyone.

Those chosen to test the new feature will find themselves accompanied by an extension Repost In yellow under TikTok sharing options (where we can share in networks, in messaging services, and copy video link).

It appears that despite similarities to Twitter, the . button Repost The video is not allowed to be shown on your TikTok profile, it is only sent to nourishes For you from users who are your friends. The button is also not available on all TikTok, but only on videos you come across when browsing on your own. feed Personal.

The feature would be a good way to increase the clarity of some videos on the platform without having to rely solely on the luck of the algorithm. TikTok confirmed to the source medium that the button is being tested with a small number of users at the moment, so it’s possible that if it is finally implemented, it will still undergo some changes.

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