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Tip – On the Trail of the Highland Killer: Charlotte Link’s Crime Thriller

Tip – On the Trail of the Highland Killer: Charlotte Link’s Crime Thriller

BERLIN (dpa) – Nervousness in front of a typical British scene: Readers love the books of German bestselling author Charlotte Link.

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For more than 20 years, German television – formerly on ZDF, now on Erste – has been showing its own crime novels and reliably reaching a loyal fan audience of about five million viewers.

In “Charlotte Link – The Search,” Scotland Yard detective Kate Linville is now searching for a kidnapper and murderer in northern England. Henny Rents (“Nord bei Nordwest”) and Lucas Gregorowicz (“Polizeiruf 110”) will play the main roles on Thursdays from 8:15 p.m. at Ersten.

It’s a rainy autumn night when 14-year-old Hannah (Ava Hayes) disappears in North Yorkshire. I waited alone at the train station. Her father Ryan (George Nikolov) did not appear, but drove a mysterious black car with dark letters. After that, Hannah disappeared from the face of the earth. Chief Inspector and alcoholic Caleb Hill (Lukas Grigorovich) investigates – but the trails are still nowhere.

Two years later, passers-by discover the body of a girl in the high swamp. It’s not Hana, it’s another missing teenage girl. She starved and died of thirst, as it turned out later. The local media is quick to talk about an enlightened killer.

Then all of a sudden, events unfold. Another 14-year-old girl, Amelie (Charlotte Lorenzen), disappears in the parking lot of a supermarket. Mother Deborah (Melina Dresig) and father Jason (Alexander Perkins) seek help from Scotland Yard Officer Kate Linville (Henny Rents), a guest at the bed and breakfast. But this is actually not responsible. Years later, their paths once again cross the paths of Caleb Hill. “I wanted to call you. Often. Honestly,” he quickly admitted after his first words of welcome.

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Of course, Kate Linnell delves deeper into the issue: “I can’t get out of my skin. Especially when those involved mean something to me.” Suddenly Emily appears. She is rescued from a life-threatening situation by two men. But she can’t provide any information at first and behaves ambiguously.

More and more mysterious characters appear in this thriller – played by a constantly brilliant mixed German and British crew. Director Till Franzen orchestrated the double show as a routine crime entertainment series with great landscape shots and a zigzag plot. Part Two will air on Saturday in the first, again in prime time.