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To face the epidemic, 48% of small and medium-sized businesses start selling online

To face the epidemic, 48% of small and medium-sized businesses start selling online

due to arrival covid-19 pandemic, last year, 48 percent of small and medium businesses (Small and medium-sized companies) Online selling started; While two in 10 claimed to have started their digital channel during 2021, a study conducted by the Mexican Online Sales Association (AMVO) revealed.

The ‘online sales study in the format Small and medium-sized companies 2021” – prepared by AMVO, in collaboration with GS1 Mexico – also announced that for seven out of 10 of these companies, sell online allowed them to be digitized and competitive; For 34 percent, it was their only source of income during pandemic.

Similarly, three out of four Small and medium-sized companies I saved this Selling online It allowed them to reach audiences they considered unattainable.

The study shows a stable number of Selling small and medium businesses online, demonstrating the need to continue evangelism, without losing focus on the need to continue creating training spaces so that they can, more and more, join the digital ecosystem, said Pierre Blaise, AMVO General Manager.

to me Small businesses that sell online, social networks are the most popular channel with 85 percent usage; Followed by private websites at 72 percent; In addition to marketplaces and e-retail companies, at 70 percent, Mercado Libre and Amazon are the most used multi-category sites.

The study also revealed that these Action Reported 100% growth in the first half of 2021 in Sales generated by the digital channel They expect that by the end of the year they will represent 35 percent of their total sales.

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