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Today's weather - Tuesday, July 13.  IMWM forecasts storms, hail and heat

Today’s weather – Tuesday, July 13. IMWM forecasts storms, hail and heat

Tuesday, June 13 will be another storm day. Synoptics of the Meteorological and Water Management Company predicts that the cloud cover will be low and moderate in the western part of the country and that it will be low and moderate in the rest of the country. Showers and thundershowers in some places and hail in some places. During storms, the total rainfall can be up to 20 mm. On that day, the winds will be weak and moderate, southeast. During storms, winds can reach speeds of up to 75 km / h.

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Weather forecast for Tuesday, July 13th. There will be warnings for hail and heat storms

The Meteorological and Water Management Agency has announced the issuance of weather warnings. On Tuesday, expect 2nd degree warnings for heat waves and 1st degree alerts for hail. With the exception of the Sachotniyopomorsky, Pomorsky and Kuzavsko-Pomorsky Voyotoships, the former applies almost nationwide. In turn, hailstorms will apply to the northern provinces of the country – the western Pomeranian, Pomeranian, Kuzavsko-Pomorsky, Vormyosko-Mazursky, Podlaski and the northern part of the Masovian province.

Forecast Map of IMGW Restrictions – Tuesday, July 13th Photo Institute of Meteorology and Water Management /

Weather on July 13 – Temperature. Thermometers can display up to 32 degrees

Tuesday will be a hot day. Meteorologists predict cold in Szczecin, Koszalin, Gdańsk, Bydgoszcz, Toruń and Poznań. In these cities, thermometers can display up to 29 degrees. We will record one more degree in Schwartz, Laplin, Warsaw, Auto, Kiels, Korsov Vilkopolsky and Zylona Kora, and two more – in Allstein and Biastok. It will be the hottest in Vrogov, Opol, Katowice and Krakow. There, the thermometers will display up to 32 degrees.

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