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Tourists can leave hotels after a storm in Crete

Tourists can leave hotels after a storm in Crete

On Saturday, a strong storm swept the Greek archipelago and hit the famous island of Crete.

Local media reported extensive damage in coastal villages as streets turned into rivers that washed away everything in their path. At least two deaths were reported, according to local emergency services.

In connection with the storm, Ving, a charter company for some 3,200 guests on the holiday islands of Crete and Rhodes, advised against leaving hotel areas for safety reasons.

But the storm had now moved from Crete and had subsided even before it reached Rhodes. Ving has changed its recommendation and tourists can move freely again.

– The storm subsided on the island of Crete. The weather is perfectly fine there now, says Claes Pellvik, Ving’s director of communications.

According to Belvik, Feng’s destination weathered the storm relatively well. It is about branches, small trees that have blown off and some wells of rainwater.

– In general, you can say that there is really no serious damage in our destinations. It was a rainy and stormy night. But the washed-up pictures of cars aren’t from our destinations and hotel areas, says Claes Pellvik of Ving.

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