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Twitch Streamer Accidentally Deletes All His Fans

Twitch viewers can follow their favorite broadcasters to receive a notification when a broadcast begins. A large number of followers does not bring any financial advantages to the streaming device itself, but it is a good way to assess the popularity of a particular channel. Also, a minimum number of followers is required to be eligible for the Twitch Affiliate Program.

In one click he lost nearly 7000 followers

However, with so many streaming programs, it happens that the number of their viewers and followers is increased artificially by bots. This is, of course, a thorn in the side for many as well as for him Twitch streamer Evan_Gao. He wanted to clean up his followers list from around 6800 Twitch accounts a bit and remove the various bot accounts. Gao thought there were a few dozen, maybe a few hundred, bots nesting in his list of followers.

He used a dedicated twitch tool to do this, but unfortunately forgot to apply an important filter. Instead of just cleaning up the bot’s accounts, he removed his 6,768 followers instead. He only realized his predicament when some loyal fans visited his chat and asked him why they had suddenly unfollowed him.

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“Wait for a chat, I think I did something wrong. It says I have 232 followers.”

For the rest of his schedule, of course, he tried to correct the error. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a function for this, which is why it ended up capturing every block. In the end, the incident went to the operator’s favour, as the accompanying clip went viral and was able to generate a lot of new followers as a result. He has now increased the number of his original 6,800 followers to 7,800.