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Twitter Circle: How the new “Best Friends” feature works on the social network

Twitter Circle: How the new “Best Friends” feature works on the social network

Twitter Circle is currently available for a small number of users

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Twitter has introduced a new feature called Circle which will allow users to share tweets with a specific group of people.. That’s why the tool Compared to “Best Friends” Available on other social networks like Instagram.

“Twitter Circle is a way to tweet to specific people and share your thoughts with a smaller audience. You choose who’s in your Twitter circle, and only people you’ve added can reply to and interact with the tweets you share in the circle. Twitter.

From the podium they explained it At the moment the function is only available for a few usersBecause it is a tool that is still in its early stages of development.

As they point out Twitter circles should not be confused with communities, since they are two completely different products because in the case of the latter, users cannot choose who is part of the communities they belong to. This is something that has been completely controllable in circles ever since User can choose who they want to share posts with.

At the moment, those users who already have the function, They will be able to add up to 150 people to their Twitter circle.

“Anyone on Twitter can be added to a circle, even if they do not follow anyone. Once they enter the circle, they will be able to see the tweets and replies that have been shared in that circle,” the developers of the social network point out.

Because this is a special way to communicate, The only person who can tell who’s part of their circle is the user themselves. This information will not be available to your followers or those who are part of the same circle.

In the same way, Tweets shared through this channel cannot be shared with other users As Twitter will not allow you to use the Retweet option in this type of situation.

They add: “Members can’t remove themselves from their Twitter circle, but they can mute the conversation if they don’t want to participate.”

It is expected that over the next few months as the feature is developed, the platform will enable Twitter circles for all users.similar to similar updates in the past.

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