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Two hours of horror in the ATP Final!  Glass.  "Another time" tennis

Two hours of horror in the ATP Final! Glass. “Another time” tennis

The two players met for the fifth time this season. World number one Novak Djokovic has won the thrilling match 3: 2, including three times at the last US Open. However, Serbia lost to Germany in the semifinals of the Olympics and then missed out on a gold Grand Slam opportunity.

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Excellent service to Djokovic and Sverev

Saturday’s game was very balanced and lasted two hours and 28 minutes. Both tennis players sometimes played at the best level and displayed beautiful deeds. One of them can be found here.

The third set decided about the fate of the fight. In this, Novak Djokovic, 1: 2, 30:40, made a mistake that was not forced from the backhand and broke. – A gift in a moment like this. He is very frustrated again. I think he has an eye problem too – said Tomas Tomaszowski about the match at Bolshoi Sport.

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Alexander Sverev (3rd ATP) has had a lot of aces and successful services ever since. To 4: 2, 40:15. He then lost three points in a row and had a chance to make up for Djokovic’s defeat. However the Serbs again made a compelling mistake, shortly after which Germany increased their lead. His hand did not tremble in the ninth game either. He played well on the web, he had a successful service, and the match ended with a service ticket.

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Sverev had more winners (14-8) and fewer natural mistakes (8-12) in the match. He won a remarkably long rally of more than nine strokes (20-10) and points after the second service (63 to 41%). Djokovic (15-14) also had one more ticket, which he won 87%. Points after first administration (Germany 78%).

– Great Sasha Swerve! Again Djokovic stands in the way and wins. The German defeated the leader of the ATP rankings thanks to his excellent service mindset and fantastic defense that is by no means inferior to the Serbian divisions. Big applause for Germany – Adam Romer, editor-in-chief of Denisclub, wrote on Twitter.

– Djokovic in flawless view gr From inside the court, Sverev had to attack, and he did not like it. Sverev, after Io had grown mentally, was not afraid at last, it was before him. Both worked well. Good match – David Celt added.

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In the ATP Finals final, Sverev will face world number two Daniel Medvedev. The match starts on Sunday 17. Their balance so far is 6: 5 for the Russian player who has won the last five straight matches in a row.