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Ukraine is expected to benefit from the mud along the front

In large parts of Ukraine, the temperature is now several degrees on the positive side during the days. Cold nights are still expected until next week, but it looks like the weather will be warmer than usual for the rest of the winter and spring.

Mud pool After the thaw makes it difficult to carry out military moves – which could benefit Ukraine, which is trying to counter a new Russian offensive.

The ground in particular will present problems for ground operations with heavy vehicles off the road network, not least on the drive-in ground around Bashmut, the UK Ministry of Defense wrote in its daily update.

He writes: “Poor accessibility on the ground generally gives a military advantage to defending forces.” Ministry.

visualization Shared by Arash Hedrian Pashakhanloo, Associate Professor and University Lecturer in Military Sciences at the Norwegian Defense Academy.

– Obviously, it will be more difficult for Russia to launch an offensive and occupy new territories. Tanks are advancing slower. They risk getting stuck in the mud and becoming easy targets.

At the same time, the defending side can benefit from not having to make any big moves.

– They can hold out and wait for the opponent. Therefore, they are not hampered by the substrate as much.

At the end of March Melting is expected to reach its final stage. In this case, accessibility on the ground is the most limited. Heydar Pashakhanlu believes that Ukraine will wait until the weather improves before the country tries to retake the Russian-occupied territories.

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Later this spring, things will be different. Then more tank deliveries from the West also began to arrive, strengthening Ukraine’s capabilities. With them, it would be easier to break through the Russian lines and recapture territory.