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UN criticizes Danish proposal to deport asylum seekers

Danish Parliament Vote on Thursday by proposing This makes it possible to move the asylum process abroad. Anyone seeking asylum in Denmark must be able to be sent to a reception center in, for example, an African country.

UNHCR earlier called on the House of Representatives to vote “no,” but to no avail. After the proposal got the green light in Denmark, new criticism came from the United Nations.

Chef Filippo Grandi at the Commission Says in the current situation That the proposed asylum system would mean that Denmark shirks its responsibility to protect vulnerable fugitives.

“The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees strongly opposes the proposals aimed at transferring the asylum process and its obligations to other countries,” he said.

The United Nations has repeatedly taken a hard line on Denmark’s plans, which are being presented by the government with the aim of reducing the number of asylum seekers. There is no agreement with any country yet where a reception center might exist, but for example, Tunisia, Rwanda and Egypt have been mentioned in the Danish media.

Grande says in the statement That the Danish proposal undermines international agreements on shared responsibility in the refugee issue:

“Today, nearly 90 per cent of the world’s refugees live in developing or least developed countries that – despite limited resources – have responsibility and fulfill international legal obligations.

The European Commission also expressed concern about the plans after the vote in the Danish parliament.

“It raises fundamental questions about access to asylum and protection,” European Commission spokesman Adalbert Ganz was quoted as saying by Reuters.

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He adds that the procedure is not possible according to the rules and agreements in force today.

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