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Uściński: We simplify the procedure for building a house of up to 70 square meters.

Uściński: We simplify the procedure for building a house of up to 70 square meters.

We are simplifying the procedure for building a house up to 70 square metres, but the houses must be built to meet their own needs, preferably in areas designated for single-family housing, and not in the middle of anywhere else, Deputy Minister for Development and Technology Piotr Uściński said PAP.

From Monday, January 3, you can use the simplified procedure for the construction of houses up to 70 square meters. Appointing a construction manager and maintaining a construction log without a building permit, based on a construction project notice.

Uchinsky noted that the revised regulations do not specify the minimum land area on which homes up to 70 square meters can be built. in a simplified procedure. He said, “The minimum area may be the result of the local spatial development plan, as it can be specified in the development conditions decision issued by the municipalities.”

He added that the homes are up to 70 square metres. It can be placed where regulations permit, preferably on building plots, which in local spatial development plans are intended for single-family housing or in areas where development conditions can be obtained.

The Deputy Minister stated that a decision will be issued on the development conditions for a house with an area of ​​u200bu200bup to 70 square meters. Necessary, if there is no local spatial development plan in this area.

“When development conditions are created, the municipality analyzes the neighborhood. In general regulations the analyzed area is at least three lengths from the street side. This means that if the width of the plot from the street side is 20 m, the minimum analyzed area is 60 meters from this Lot. The maximum analysis area is not specified in the regulations, the municipality determines it itself. In the regulations on the construction of houses to 70 square meters. We have narrowed the maximum analysis area to 200 meters. Depending on the neighborhood, the municipality issues a permit whether such a house can be built or not ” – Uchinsky confirmed.

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The last date for issuing a decision to divide housing up to 70 m2. Reduced to 21 days. “With standard construction it is 30 days, although this deadline is exceeded many times by many months. Then you have to notify all parties to start the procedure and prepare the draft. With conditions for developing a house up to 70 sq m, there is less work, sending Less correspondence, but – I assure – we can apply such a measure only in the case of houses that do not affect neighboring plots and where there are no third parties in the proceedings ”- informed the Deputy Minister.

He handed over the procedure for receiving the construction of a house with an area of ​​u200bu200bup to 70 m2. It will be like any other. Construction completion is reported to the Building Supervision Inspector at Buffat. The declaration should include the actual area of ​​the house and make a geodesic inventory. “If someone decides to build a house of up to 70 square meters without a construction manager, he will take over these activities. We always stress that there is no need to keep a construction log and hiring a construction manager is the solution for those who have the right knowledge and competencies and feel the strength to build their own home independently”- he pointed out .

When asked if the “action-free house” can be sold immediately after its construction, the deputy head of the Ministry of Regional Development replied that there are no obstacles to doing so. “The Building Code is not about regulating the specifics of the sale of real estate. However, we want to build houses of up to 70 square meters to meet their own needs, and that these simplified regulations are not used by people who build houses for sale professionally.” – stated Uściński.

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The requested statement indicated that the house has an area of ​​u200bu200bup to 70 m2. It was built to meet his housing needs, and consists of criminal liability. “Everyone should make an honest statement. If someone makes a false statement that they are building their own needs, and it turns out that they are building 10 such houses for sale next to each other, they will be held legally responsible for it,” he said.

He noted that developers can build houses up to 70 square meters, but they cannot use the simplified procedure. In their case, the standard procedure applies – the manager and construction record will be necessary – male.

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