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Valorant is going to mobile devices

It’s been a year or more since Valorant was first shown. Riot Games debuted on June 2, 2020, and to mark its first birthday, players received a surprise – a preview of the mobile version.


Riot Games has prepared a series of events to celebrate the first birthday of Valorant – a multiplayer shooter that primarily competes with CS: GO. The entire set of events was named RK1 VALORANT. This is certainly an interesting and important issue for gamers, but it looks like announcing the mobile version could be even more important.

Riot's new Valorant game has just been released

Riot’s new Valorant game has just been released

Unfortunately, so far the information about the mobile Valorant is very vague. We don’t really know what this game will be like yet.


However, there is a clear message from the statement – Servers will not be shared. Valorant for PC should be a high-quality game, it should be constantly developed and the publisher does not want to make the task difficult by trying to reconcile the gameplay on mobile devices with that known from desktop computers.

It is not known if Valorant mobile will be a port of the PC version, or if it will be a different but similar game. We also don’t know when its premiere date will be set. Anna Donlon, executive producer of Valoranta, said she couldn’t make any promises, but was hoping to see a mobile version within a year.

Not only the portable version