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Valve allows you to check your game library for Steam Deck

Valve allows you to check your game library for Steam Deck

The new portal is Steam Deck compatibility. To use it, just go to Steam Store, Log in to this pageThen go through the compliance verification process. Our games can You qualify for one of the four categories – Verified, fully functional on Steam Deck; functional but problematic; It is not supported by Steam Deck or has not been tested.

For now, anyone can check it out Your game library is compatible with Steam Deck. However, it should be noted that many games have not been tested yet, so this category may be pushed a little. Most likely, though, in the near future we’ll see more titles that are compatible – or not – with Valve’s portable console.

As for the upcoming Steam Deck release, it was recently revealed that this console can be fixed via iFixit. There is also good news for all depositors and DIY enthusiasts. Valve has released Steam Deck CAD files, which means you’ll be able to create your own instances for this console.

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