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Vicenza’s new player Lucas Theodorsic

Vicenza’s new player Lucas Theodorsic.

Łukasz Teodorczyk continues his football career in Italy. The nearly 31-year-old pioneer has signed a contract with the Vicenza team competing in Serie P.

At the end of 2021, Udinese announced the termination of the contract with Theodorci by mutual agreement. As it turned out, the famous “Dio” did not take long to join the new club. On Tuesday Vicenza announced that he had signed a contract with an experienced striker. Teodorczyk has a contract with Serie B until the end of the season and has the option of extending it if they stay in the league.

Theodorsic was the Udinese player of 2018, but he did not make a good name for the team from Dacia Arena. In total, he played 32 matches for her, in which he scored only one goal. Previously, Wkra Żuromin student performed with excellent results in Dynama Kiev, and the good performance in the colors of RSC Anderlecht was transferred to Serie A.

When appearing for the Polish national team, uromin’s striker played in 19 matches and scored four goals. In 2018, he appeared twice at the World Cup in Russia. When it was over, these were his last appearances for the national team.

That is not to say that Vicenza’s current situation is not better. After 17 rounds, Christian Brocci’s players are last in the table with seven points. In the past, the colors of this club were, among other things, preserved by Błażej Augustyn.

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