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Video: Boston Dynamics robots are more flexible than ever

Video: Boston Dynamics robots are more flexible than ever

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The Atlas robot from Boston Dynamics, which went viral in 2019 because of its agility, is back and now knows how to do parkour.

In the photos shared by the American company, you can see how he raises and lowers wooden drawers with little effort and tests his skills and ability to maintain balance. It is undoubtedly a new breakthrough in Atlas’ long career, through which Boston Dynamics He’s been posting videos for a long time. At the end of their routine, the two robots perform a somersault befitting a professional gymnast.

Additionally, Boston Dynamics also posted a video showing the hard work that went into programming Atlases, and shared some of its technical details. The company’s engineers revealed that these robots The result of 10 years of work. Each is 1.5 meters long and weighs about 86 kilograms.

It’s powered by a battery-operated hydraulic system, and to see where it’s moving, it has RGB cameras and depth sensors. All this information is processed and all movements are programmed by the three computers that carry them. It took a lot of rehearsals and multiple rehearsals to implement the movements that can be seen in the final video.

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