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Villarreal were one step away from the Champions League final.  Liverpool overcame

Villarreal were one step away from the Champions League final. Liverpool overcame

Liverpool won 2-0 in the first leg. Villarreal, however, is known for his bravery and is particularly strong on his field.

“The Reds” already figured it out in the third minute. After a cross from the left, Etienne Kabov played well and Paule Thea hit the net unnoticed.

Liverpool suffocated in the first half. Villarreal controlled events on the pitch and hit hard again late in the first half.

In the 39th minute, Alison fought hard against Giovanni Lo Celso and cleared the ball. The referee found that the Liverpool goalkeeper had not completely intervened and called for a penalty.

However, Villarreal does not need an “X” to score. Francis Cochlear did it in another act. Kapou helped again, and he precisely crossed the Frenchman’s head.

So that is extra time after the first half. After the break, Liverpool woke up.

After a Trent Alexander-Arnold shot in the 56th minute, the ball bounced off the crossbar. Five minutes later Villarreal saved the goalkeeper with nothing.

An hour later, Fabinho scored a goal for Liverpool. He hit at a sharp angle near the pole. He hit it right between the goalkeeper’s legs.

After this goal, the Spanish team was completely disbanded. Utilizing this, the players of the Jர்கrgen Globe sealed the promotion.

Another goal in the 67th minute led to a draw. After an accurate cross by Alexander-Arnold, Louis Diaz entered the web.

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The redhead was irritated. They wanted to clear the stain after the failed first half. At 2-2, they scored two goals in total again, but they were not satisfied with it and did everything to win.

They were successful in this art. Sadio Mane reached the long pass in the 74th minute. From the goal, just before the penalty area, came Geronimo Rully. He missed the ball, but Cameronian passed him and pushed the ball into the empty goal.

In addition, Villarreal finished the competition on the jackpot. Capoue played well, but also played hard. He got his first yellow card in the 63rd minute. He checked the second card in the 86th minute and left the field.

With this, Liverpool won and qualified for the first final of the Champions League this year. Tomorrow he will face a rival, be it Manchester City or Real Madrid. England won the first match 4-3.