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Visa Krakow – Pogo Schczin. End of the 9th round match of PKO BP Ekstraklasa

There are hard memories of the PKO BP Ekstraklasa round before Wisła Kraków. White Star went to Bosna, where local Lech scored five goals. The 9th round meeting of the Polish League did not end in color for the team from Krakow.

Goal and serious injury in the match between Visna and Bogos

Pogoń Szczecin was already enjoying the lead in the 15th minute. The 1-0 goal was scored by Jean Carlos, who received the opponent’s team’s opponent’s pass, who unfortunately deflected the ball. The spectator player casually picked up the ball and quietly finished the process. There were no goals in the first half, while the Pogo team dominated throughout the 45 minutes.

Visna Krakow did not improve yet in the second half. The White Star completely dominated the pitch at Portowców. It is noteworthy that Boko Szczecin’s young footballer Cockpar Smoliski suffered a serious injury in the second half of the game when he did not contact his opponent. The 20-year-old was lifted off the pitch on a stretcher.

With the exception of injury and a goal, in the 15th minute of the match between Visna and Bogos, it can be said that “it happened”. It should also be emphasized that porters take three points off hard terrain and, personally, winning style is not a bar.

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