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Vodafone is expanding its 5G network in the region

Vodafone is expanding its 5G network in the region

boycott Vodafone has operated its first new 5G+ mobile radio stations in Bad Bentheim and Nordhorn. The company stated this in a press release. “With the opening, Vodafone has also started the next phase of mobile network expansion in the region,” she continues. By mid-2023, the company wants to carry out a total of three more projects to build mobile communications in the region in order to “close the dead spots, enhance the existing network and also bring the 5G+ network to the region”. Background to the expansion actions: According to Vodafone, mobile data traffic in the region is growing rapidly – at an annual growth rate that is currently around 28 percent.

The goal is to further enhance the existing LTE network and, if possible, connect the entire population to 5G and 5G+ networks by 2025. Vodafone will initially use the existing mobile infrastructure to a large extent and, where possible, place its 5G and 5G antennas in operation at 35 telecom sites Mobile phone located in the area. The company explains that “existing mobile base stations are being gradually developed by installing additional 5G and 5G + technology there – for example on masts, watchtowers, church towers, and on the roofs of city halls, office buildings and apartment buildings.” This will happen station after station over the next few years.

According to Vodafone, eight sites in the region are currently 5G-equipped – and the first sites already have 5G+ on board. More 5G construction projects will be undertaken in the region by mid-2023 – including a new 5G terminal in Nordhorn and, for the first time, 5G+ terminals for Bad Bentheim and Nordhorn.

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