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Watch detailed games from the path of Exile 2

Watch detailed games from the path of Exile 2

Are you waiting for the path of Exile 2? This game was created in relative silence, however, the developers have now decided to stop. Importantly, a very strong accent.

New trailer and game from the path of Exile 2

Some time ago, in November 2019, we handled Exile 2’s path announcement. The first trailer was shown then, and if that changed, we would have to wait more than a year for the next one. However, when it appeared, it was not just any companion.

Aside from the new trailer, Grinding Gear Games Studio decided to offer something more interesting, namely the game. Importantly, it is very detailed, about 20 minutes long. This is a good opportunity to see the format of the project currently being discussed.

We find locations in the Vastri desert, among other things, two new types of weapons – darts and crossbow or boss fights. The path of the Exile 2 was developed from the beginning to compete with the Diablo IV. Looking at the presented pieces of the game, can the path of Exile 2 still provide an opportunity against the media rival?

When is the Exile 2 Premier route?

Do you like Unfortunately, there is no hope that the chance to play the path of Exile 2 on your own will appear soon, because the premiere is still a long way off. The exact date has not been set, but it is unlikely that Exile 2 will be released this year. The creators did not hide the fact that they were infected and the need to switch to remote work.

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The toughest fans of the series will probably enjoy the new Ultimate Challenge League for Exile Path. Here you will do without much patience, because the premiere is scheduled for April 16th.

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