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Welcome Ximena’s daughter Ximena Navarrete is already born!

It is well known that as is common practice in the family, the youngest member of the Valladares Navarrete in her father’s state, San Luis Potosi, was born by Caesarean section and that at the moment Ximenas is recovering positively, the new mother has already left on your Instagram account to share your happiness.

Hello my girl, I love you with all my soul. The whole universe, thank God. MustafaHosny Oh God, Amen 3970 kilograms of pure love! ‘, the former beauty queen sent and received all kinds of greetings Gretel ValdezAnd Carla VegaAnd Zulika Rivera And of course from the father who replied with the meaning: “I love you”, and the emoji of red hearts.

“The next Miss Universe was born”, “What a doll”, “Beautiful”, “Blessings”, “Congratulations, beautiful your princess”, “What a beautiful family”, “What good news, now with your princess”, “She is just like a mother”, “Beautiful husband”, “Congratulations”, “How beautiful” were the messages that some of her followers had Navarrete.

It was June 24 when Ximena announced, through her official Instagram account, that she is pregnant with a new account and that she is going to be a girl; So she decided to dedicate a sweet letter to telling her, after she was born, that she was a baby more than what was expected and desired by her parents.

“The sky is painted in colors with the most desired and awaited rainbow of my life. My baby can’t imagine how much we dreamed of having you in our family. We love you and wait with all our hearts, love and illusion,” wrote Navarrete, who has since shared several photos throughout her pregnancy.