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We'll wait for the urban bike until spring... until 2023. The corrected 'MEFO' tender has been resolved

We’ll wait for the urban bike until spring… until 2023. The corrected ‘MEFO’ tender has been resolved

City Bike Global has won the tender to re-implement a city bike in the capital. For approximately 160 million PLN, he will be the operator of the system for a period of 6 years, provided there is no appeal against the decision. Mivo has a chance to resume work in 16 municipalities no later than the spring of 2023. After the launch of the first approach to the urban bike and its collapse in 2019, the community still does not have it.

Show City Bike Global with subcontractor Geovelo It was certainly cheaper than the second complex, the BikeU and Freebike consortium. this is 159 million PLN Compared to up to 365 million. I just reported the selection Gdansk-Gdynia-Sopot metropolitan area.

– If there is no appeal to the National Appeals Chamber and the contract is signed in January 2022, the first bikes will be made available to the residents of the capital By the spring of 2023 at the latest – Know Dagmara Kleczewska, “Mevo” project manager at OMGGS.

There are 10 days for cancellation. If not available, the contract will be signed in January for 6 years of system maintenance. MEVO will cover 16 municipalities: Gdask, Gdynia, Sopot, Dukovo, Reza, Brocz Gdaski, Chizio, Syrakovice, Romia, Somonino, Szczeca, Kartuzy, Bec, Władysławowo, as well as Kolbode and Kosakowo.

In contrast to the failure of the first version of “Mevo”, this time service is required, not the purchase of bikes. The revenue from advertising and subscriptions will go to OMGGS, which will be the joint controller of personal data and will be responsible for the money paid by users. The Mevo will be a hybrid system with 4,099 bikes, and 3,099 will be electric. The infrastructure and bicycles owned by OMGGS will be used in the new system after the failed approach in 2019. The number of stations will increase from 690 to 717.

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It must be available to users Two types of subscriptions: monthly for PLN 29.99 and annually for PLN 259. They should give you a chance 120 minutes on a traditional bike or 60 minutes on an electric bike. After the subscription has been exhausted, every minute on an electric bike will cost PLN 0.2, on a conventional bike it will cost PLN 0.1. If the user does not decide to purchase a subscription, he will be able to rent a bicycle at the tariff of the minute (0.15 PLN per minute on a conventional bike and PLN 0.30 per minute on an electric bike), as well as at a 48-hour tariff. For PLN 59 (daily use 480 minutes on a conventional bike and 240 minutes on an electric bike).

In June 2018, NB Tricity, a subsidiary of the national subsidiary Nextbike Polska, won a tender for a city bike service organized by OMGGS. For 40 million PLN, more than 3,000 zlotys were to be saved. Electric bikes run on the system for 6.5 years, and users are also charged a subscription. With a gaffe caused by not all stations being prepared and the number of bikes incomplete, the project was named Mevo was launched in the spring of 2019. The overly optimistic financial assumptions fueled the experts’ mistrust of the topic from the start. It has also been criticized that rail cars are 100 per cent. Electric, without giving users a cheaper option, and a mechanical option, the system – is not integrated with the rest of public transport and partly competes with it.