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Jaka gra pojawi się za darmo w Epic Games Store jako następna? Coś super dla miłośników symulatorów – kiedy do pobrania na PC?

What game will be released for free on the Epic Games Store next? Great thing for simulation lovers

It is already known which game will be available for free on the Epic Games Store in a week! The store constantly provides well-known and beloved titles for free. This time, fans of all kinds of simulators will be pampered. What is this production and when will it be available for download on PC?

games Free on the Epic Games Store: Download PC Building Simulator for one week!

Last Thursday, a cool strategic title was added to the free store offer: Europe Universalis IV. It will be downloadable to October 7Then it’s time for another match. Thanks to a previous announcement, we know his address today. this will be PC Building Simulator A well-rated production in which we turn to a computer specialist, set up our own business and repair or build the units of our dreams. The game is almost worth it 70 zlotys, but of course it will be available on the Epic Games Store for free!

Open and grow your own PC repair shop by learning to diagnose, fix and build a PC. Using real, licensed parts, and extensive simulation of hardware and software, you can design and build the computer of your dreams.

The best PC building simulator is here

Create your own computer empire – from simple diagnostics and repairs to luxurious bespoke creations that will make any computer enthusiast jealous. Thanks to our ever-growing catalog of real components, you can finally build the PC of your dreams and test it in 3DMark!

Manage your own business

In PC Building Simulator Career mode, you can run the work of building and repairing your personal computers. Working in a suitable workshop, you will need to complete jobs that will put your technical skills to the test, and you will receive a variety of orders – from minor upgrades and repairs to building complete computers. However, completing orders isn’t everything – you also need to keep an eye on your finances to make your business profitable!

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Create the computer of your dreams

Build a PC from scratch, choosing housing and preferred components. Show your artistry by choosing your favorite lighting elements and cable colors that will really make your look special. Choose from a variety of cooling systems – from fans to hydro-cooling to fully customizable water rings! Once you have your computer assembled, turn it on and watch it perform in benchmarks. The results do not meet your expectations? Enter the BIOS and try to overclock your hardware for better performance – just be careful not to break anything!

Learn how to build a computer

Does building your own computer seem like an impossible task? PC Building Simulator includes step-by-step instructions on parts assembly order and useful information to help PC beginners learn how to assemble a PC.

The game will be available to download to your computer for free From Thursday 7 October to the following Thursday 14 October.



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