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What punishment topless did Neworka deserve on national television

(Foto: Twitterkattyboom)

After the controversy caused by Nyorka’s topless on national television, Users on social networks interacted with the embarrassing moment in the program First hand. so when Gustavo Adolfo Infante questioned her erotic pics on Zipolite Beach, Oaxaca, the star decided to show her body to the cameras. However, the consequences of images posted to the public could carry heavy penalties.

according to Ministry of Interior (Segob), according to the Federal Law on Communications and Broadcasting, in its Article 308, violations of the audiovisual content will be Equivalent 0.76% to 2.5% Whoever enters the franchisee, the licensee, or the programmer for not joining the classification and its descriptive categories, as stipulated by law.

A classification puts the program in Schedule B for teens and adults from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM, Therefore, after Article 309, to impose penalties, the intent of the offender will be considered.

(Photo: niurka.oficial / Instagram)
(Photo: niurka.oficial / Instagram)

So far, there is no record of any case within Mexican TV the company has had to pay for a similar situation, so it is possible that there has been no fine for TV picture.

Faced with such a promotion of the actress, Naked Beach from Zipolite in Oaxaca Increase searches, especially in the same situation it is located in. Additionally, according to Google Trends, the highest search point was recorded after Niurka showed her breasts, thus, the tourist site could make a winner in this scenario. On the other hand, the controversial moment in social networks acted as a trend, so the authorities can declare themselves.

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Some users on Twitter took the moment on national television with humor and others disagreed with the fact that the model continued to be a trend of nudity. They deemed it just not worth being on everyone’s lips on the Internet. “Now I wake up and see Niurka heading to Twitter. Better to go back to sleep,” one netizen wrote.

Niurka TT (Twitter)
Niurka TT (Twitter)

On the other hand, there were those who believed that showing nudity on television should not have consequences, but on the contrary, they demanded in networks to stop stigmatizing the issue of female breasts on the air.

“Someone is explaining to me. A scandal because yesterday Nyorka showed her bare torso on national television, but if a guy does the same thing, they clap for him. What’s wrong with showing our bare torso when he gives us the pleasure of doing so?” Said the megaphone.

star Challenge the censorship on Instagram with shots that left little to the imagination He garnered the attention of more than 1.6 million followers. No clothes on a bust with highly suggestive poses on rocks or a hammock, The “scandalous woman” was more exciting than ever for a web platform and far from her famous calendar.

Niurka and user feedback in networks
Niurka and user feedback in networks

It was last Sunday when Niurka posted the first topless photos on her Instagram account, But according to her style, the famous character shared the photos again to spark more reactions.

From the start, the photos were protected by the social network with conservative stars, but this time It was controlled by black marks with a legend: “not signal” and “censorship”.

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“A broadcast from Zipolite Paradise!” , “Enjoy … naturally! Who weighs!” And “Now … the woman who slept in me is awakening” are some of the phrases that Nyorka used to share her horrific photos.

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