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WhatsApp develops double code verification system for iOS and Android

WhatsApp works on a system of double verification at login and seeks to improve the privacy and security of its application in the mobile versionwhich consists of sending seconds A digital code and a notification that the said account is being used on another mobile phone.

Currently, WhatsApp only has a verification system that requires an additional PIN to be entered Six digits before registering the account in a new terminal.

However, if someone registers a phone number in a WhatsApp account and manages to get the code sent to that number to proceed with the installation process, the account in another device will be unlinked.

Now, the social network is working on a new verification system for mobile devices by sending two codes to avoid cyberattacks, as verified by WABetaInfo.

The latest WhatsApp beta update for iOS and Android includes a feature that introduces two-step verification. This way, when the first attempt to log into the WhatsApp account is successful, another six-digit code will be needed to complete the process.

This second verification code will be sent to the primary device if someone logs in with the same phone number on a different device. This way, victims will be able to know that someone else is trying to impersonate them and steal their account.

This second verification includes a notification that “The number is being used by WhatsApp on another phone. To ensure that your account is under your control, you need to confirm another verification code.”

Also, this message informs that to enhance users’ security, a timer has been introduced. The user will have to wait for it to finish in order to enter the six-digit code and complete the application installation process.

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This portal also indicated that the development of this system has led to a wave of account thefts using “SMS” technology in recent months, where fraudsters deceive their victims via SMS into giving them the corresponding login security codes.

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is the first instant messaging app to support this feature, which can be the “ultimate solution” to prevent account theft when 2-step verification is not enabled.

Since it is a function in development, at the moment it is unknown when it will be implemented or if it will finally reach both operating systems.

It should be remembered that in mid-March, it implemented a new security layer in its extension called Code Verify for the web version, which automatically confirms the authenticity of the messaging app’s web code.