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WhatsApp: How to send audios with the voice of Bart Simpson, Goku or Vegeta from Dragon Ball

WhatsApp provides the possibility Send and receive voice notes and voice messages. But the normal thing is that we record it ourselves. Although there is a fun alternative now: Use the voice of the animated characters Like Bart Simpson, Goku or Vegeta from Dragon Ball and many more. Best of all: no need to install another app.

Everything is done thanks to the platform, FakeYou, which allows you to use the Latin sounds of these charactersalthough there is a larger catalog in English.

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Spanish also has Sponge Bob, Chavo del 8, Homer, and even Darth Vader, among others.

Step by step, How to send WhatsApp audios with the voice of Bart Simpson, Goku or Vegeta from Dragon Ball

  • Of course, first of all on us Install WhatsApp on a cell phone. It is also convenient to always have the latest version of the application.
  • From our phone, or also from a computer or tablet, we must Open a browser and go to
  • The next step is to fill in the following boxes: In “Category” choose “Anime”, “Dragon Ball” and in “Voice” find our favorite. You can also choose directly in Option category “Spanish / Spanish”.
  • Once we have chosen the preferred sound, we will have to Type in the empty box what you want. “Hello friends, I am Bart Simpson and I wanted to send a greeting to you,” for example, choosing the voice of the eldest son of the family Avenida Simpreviva.
  • Then, down a bit, you have to do it Click on the “Talk” button.
  • Soon we will have less than a player to listen to the audio.
  • If we like it, we can click the three buttons on the right, next to the volume control, and Download a voice memo To send via WhatsApp
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A platform for creating voice notes with celebrities (Image: FakeYou capture)